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Chinese Journal of Computers adheres the right of first publication. That is, with rare exceptions, it only accepts original manuscripts not published elsewhere. The types of manuscripts submitted for consideration should be featured as the following:

Paper: complete discussion of the research work with original academic arguments; creatively contributive to the advancement of the field discussed; not exceeding 10,000 words in length.

Report: summary of the newly advanced, operational technology which is practically beneficial for the enhancement of national economy and social development; not exceeding 10, 0000 words in length.

Brief Paper: brief discussion of creative academic research work or part (different stage, for example) of that work; not exceeding 6, 000 words in length.

Correspondence: brief report on the development of advanced, applicable technology; not exceeding 5, 000 words in length.

Survey: critical evaluation of the renovative or active research fields and technologies; not exceeding 15,000 words in length.

All manuscript contributions should be addressed to

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The People's Republic of China

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