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The Chinese Journal of Computers is published monthly. The Journal is oriented in the publication of the most advanced research work in the field of computer science and technology throughout the country. It is archival journal published in Chinese language with abstracts in English for reference on various major international catalogue systems such as EI Compendex and SA etc.. The first issue of the Chinese Journal of Computers was published in 1978, printed by Science Press.

The editorial board of Chinese Journal of Computers consists of leading specialists of the field in China, including thirteen members of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering. Under professional and rigorous rules of reading and compiling, Chinese Journal of Computers has been representative of high academic level in the field.

Since the journal is archival, it is assumed that ideas presented are important, have been well analyzed, and/or empirically validated and are of value to the computer science and engineering research or practitioner community. The journal carries research papers, technical reports, brief papers, research notes, surveys and other forms of articles on most of subjects in the field of computer science such as theory of computer science, computer system architectures, software, artificial intelligence, database, computer networks, multimedia, computer graphics and other new technologies.

Chinese Journal of Computers enjoys a wide range of readership. Its articles are frequently selected by researchers, university professors and graduates as the primary sources of their research work. Statistics shows that among the journals of the same field, Chinese Journal of Computers registers the highest frequency of reference citation and, of all the academic journal of the country, it is among the top in its issuing quantity.

We expect to establish friendly communications with the colleagues both at home and abroad so that we may enhance our mutual understanding and cooperation and jointly contribute to the development of computer science and technology.

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