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  TitlePerformance Analysis of Transport Protocol over Fast Long Distance Optical Network
  AuthorsREN Yong-Mao1),2) QIN Gang1) TANG Hai-Na1) LI Jun1) QIAN Hua-Lin1)
  Address1)(Computer Network Information Center, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100190) 2)(Graduate University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100049)
  Abstract &
Abstract With the development of optical network and integration of IP and optical technology, fast long distance optical network has emerged in the Internet field. Global Ring Network for Advanced Applications Development (GLORIAD) is a typical network of this kind. During the measurement and experiments based on GLORIAD, the bandwidth utilization bottleneck issue has been discovered. By analyzing the features of fast long distance optical network and the mechanism of transport protocol TCP, the reasons, mainly including TCP issues, which affect the transfer performance, have been found. This paper gives a comprehensive analysis on these issues, and research directions on improving data transfer performance.
Keywords fast long distance optical network; transport protocol; congestion control; performance analysis
Background This work is supported by National Ministry of Science and Technology of China for International Cooperation and Communications Project "GLORIAD (Global Ring Network for Advanced Applications Development)and Its Applications" under grant No.2006DFA1990, and the National High Technology Research and Development Program (863 Program) of China under grant No.2007AA01Z214.
GLORIAD is a fast long distance optical network, which is initiated by China, America and Russia with many countries participated. CSTNET (China Science & Technology Network) is one of the issuers. GLORIADs backbone bandwidth is OC-192(10Gbps), and it can provide end-to-end lightpath. It is mainly used to support international research cooperation such as massive scientific data transfer, and next generation Internet related research as an advanced high speed optical network testbed.
The authors are members of GLORIAD CSTNET team. The major research interests of this team are high speed optical network, including control and management, transport performance, and applications. During the practical scientific application and the network measurement on GLORIAD, the authors find that there is bottleneck of throughput that is about less than 70% of the full practical bandwidth. To find the reason, they did some measurements and experiments based on GLORIAD, and then did deep analysis on the transport protocol TCP together with the experiment result. By the experiments and analysis, they found TCP has some problems over fast long distance optical network. For next step, they will enhance TCP protocol or create novel transport protocol for fast long distance optical network.