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  TitleProcess Expression of Unbounded Petri Net
  AuthorsZENG Qing-Tian1),2)£¬3£© WU Zhe-Hui2)
  Address1)£¨Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100080£© 2)£¨Department of Computer¡¡Sciences and Technology, Shandong University of Science and Technology, Tai¡®an 271019£© 3)(Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Sciences
  Abstract &
The one-to-one mapping relationship is proved between the process expression of an unbounded Petri net ¦² and the language of its process net system ¦²P, so we can express the language of ¦²P in order to establish the process expression of ¦². However, it is not easy to describe the language behaviors of ¦²P directly because its structure is usually complex. A new decomposition method for structure-complex Petri net by assigning an index to each place is introduced, with which ¦²P can be decomposed into some structure-simple subnet systems. With these subnet systems, the language of ¦²P can be expressed based on the synchronization intersection operation of languages. By the description of the language of ¦²P, an algorithm to obtain the process expression of ¦² is obtained.
keywords unbounded Petri net; process expression; process net system; Petri net languages; decomposition